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Back Pain

Getting to the true cause of back pain

I’ve worked with so many people over the years suffering from back pain, people with very similar stories, and with each passing day their issues are becoming more intrusive on their life.


People with back pain mention they find it difficult playing with their kids or grandkids, going for a walk, working, doing housework, or just keeping fit. It affects their day-to-day movement, sleep and even their mood. Many people feel they need to live with the problem forever!


Most people with Back Pain have tried lots of treatment (Physio, Chiro, Osteo, Specialists), many with short term changes in pain but no long-term resolutions, the problem just keeps coming back. They are tired, frustrated and have no idea why they have pain, and, in many cases, they often have never even been given a diagnosis. One thing they have in common is that they WANT to get better, they have just never been given the opportunity.


Getting to the true cause of is more than identifying that the structure or muscle is sore (most people know this anyway!!). It’s about asking WHY and putting the pieces together is a critical part of the puzzle (it’s different for each person).
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Explore your story, back pain starts and persists for many reasons but HUGELY important and overlooked are lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, and physical preparation. Many people are simply not prepared for what their life is demanding of them.


Previous Injuries are also super important with back pain as they change HOW we move and use our body, sometimes placing extra pressure on our back!


Protecting yourself too much through daily movement and exercise can really irritate back pain over the course of months and years. Avoiding movements and activities is also a huge aggravating factor, when we take movement away from our body it’s detrimental to recovery.


Back pain is life limiting for so many people , yet so many people can be helped more than they realise . If you are uncertain that we can help give us a call and have a chat before booking an appointment.



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Paul is a CORU registered physio with over 7 years experience in helping people transform their lives.