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Better Running 3 Top Tips


Simple, meaningful and effective running strategies



So many people are getting into running, it’s quick, easy, and enjoyable, however, many people make the same mistakes over and over which often leads to pain or injury rearing just as you begin to make some progress. This happens for several reasons, which all fall under a lack of preparation, you have heard the saying fail to prepare, prepare to fail, well when it comes to running this couldn’t be truer.

You see these 3 basic errors that hold people back so much they often feel that they will never break the cycle of injury or pain.  In fact, so many people give up when all they needed was to take a step back and reflect on their training planning.


The 3 biggest errors


Training Volume


Almost every running injury is a training error, trying to catch up on missed miles, feeling good and progressing the mileage too quickly and/or introducing higher intensity training too soon. However, these can be avoided by simply documenting your runs and your perceived rate of effort e.g. how hard was it for you and keeping consistent with gradual incremental increases in distance/intensity etc. This small adjustment will lead to more time on the road and less Injury.

Identifying the potential sings of overtraining are also critical and can give you an indication that there is something astray with your planning. These can include, irritability, prolonged soreness over 24 hours, dehydration and sleep disturbance, another often overlooked sign of overtraining is a lack of motivation. Pace it and you will reap the rewards.


Lack of resistance training


In tandem with training volume if you are not doing some form of resistance training to prep you for your runs you are missing a trick , in another blog we will review my 3 key exercises to help improve your overall strength to get prepared to run pain and injury free and to how to cope with the physical demands that come with it, Research shows us that including resistance training can reduce the risk of injury and time away from the road. Strengthening key muscle groups like the calves, quads and hips will help make your runs feel way more enjoyable.


Inadequate rest and recovery


We often get bogged down by feeling we must do more and more, but in many cases the missing piece of many peoples training is rest and recovery. You see, having adequate recovery time means your body can heal and repair and you will gain more from your runs and resistance training, more volume doesn’t always equal better. Make sure you are sleeping, eating well and managing your stress. We are not immune from other things in our lives draining the energy and resources we want to put into our favourite activities.

In many cases when there is a big life event or stress happening this can leave us a little more vulnerable to experience pain or injury , so these times are often NOT the times to be pushing for personal bests. Staying consistent , focusing on the basics will reap rewards.


In Conclusion


So, there you have it, my 3 biggest tips for better running. By making small changes, keeping consistent and doing the basics well you will reduce your risk of spending prolonged time on the side-lines. Doing these 3 key steps will keep you on the road but if you are in doubt make sure to come and see us here at the clinic. We help people injured, struggling with pain and those you just want to improve performance get stronger, fitter and better prepared to crush the roads on a regular basis.


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